Join Us On The Road To Rocket League!

E-Sports Arcade Rocket League!

This Fall E-Sports Arcade will be creating a youth Rocket League in conjunction with ESports University! Looking toward 2v2 or 3v3 depending on the talent and number of participants. (Console base PS4 for the widest outreach to kids.)

Driving Forward!

As the Pandemic set us back a year and a half, we are driving forward this fall with competitive, youth friendly leagues! Starting out with Rocket League!

“...fundamentals and practice of good sportsmanship...”

On-Ramp To The Highway Of Fun!

It's always been our goal to bring the world of E-Sports into the grasp of regular kids in a safe environment. With all the roadblocks over the last year, we are moving forward on the highway of fun with our first structured Rocket League. Our goals for the league with be:

-Having fun!

-Learn to be competitive and still have fun!

-The fundamentals and practice of good sportsmanship and discipline!

-Become better through competition!

-Minimum GPA in school is required to compete! (There will only be a waiver with documented classroom improvement as the season moves on)

-Work towards integrating exercise elements into the league!

There may be some pot holes along the way, but we will navigate around them to bring you the best quality youth Rocket League anywhere.

Stay Tuned!

We will be working on updates and inviting discussions as we complete our road construction to E-Sports Arcade's Rocket League.

In the mean time, check out our long list of summer camps and party options. If you have any question call 704-806-7958 or email us at Have a great day!